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Privacy Policy

This section is designed for you, to enlighten you on how we use the information that you send us, and to assist you in decision making when you visit our website.

Information we collect

You will voluntarily provide us with personal information to help us process your order. You will also involuntarily provide information on a collective basis when browsing the internet.

Voluntary Information

The information you will provide include information about yourself, your company or any services that you would like us to provide for you. You can also provide information to enable us send you newsletters and alerts.

Email Correspondence

We will only keep your email address for the sole purpose of contacting you if need arises. Otherwise, your email address will be safe with us, and will not be used for any other reason.

How we use your information

Your information is important to us in as far as contacting you and providing customer services is concerned. We also use your contact information whens ending you products and services. Your information is also important to us when notifying you of changes to the website or our business.

Opting out

Whenever we need your information, we will immediately inform you so that you can choose whether or not you wish to participate or opt out. We will always consider you to have opted out until you opt in.

In the event that you would not want to get any information regarding promotions and other communications, you can feel free to unsubscribe.


These are small documents that contain anonymous identifiers. Computers usually request permission to store such files, or the permission is granted by default in the settings. Browsers and websites have their data stored in cookies, stored on your computer. For your safety, your browser will only allow websites to retrieve their own cookies, not those sent by other websites.

What we do with information from cookies

We use cookies to prevent you from getting unnecessary advertisements from time to time. Apart from that, we also use cookies to determine the number of persons who visit our website, and to determine which the most popular aspects of our business are. This allows us the chance of improving our services and in the long run, making your experience with us much better than before. We do not collect any personal information about you from cookies.

Information shared with third parties

We may get into partnerships with other businesses which may make us share your personal information to enable them send you information regarding the services that might interest you.We will only provide your information to third parties once we have established that it will be used in the correct way.

Some of the services that we engage in make it necessary for us to provide your information to third parties. This includes processing payments. In the course of our business we might sell some part of the business or merge with other companies, which in most cases involve providing client information as part of the assets.

Protecting your information

Since emails are not secured means of sharing communication, we usually request clients to reach us through for any questions. However, our website uses 128 bit encryption and all content shared is safely transmitted through SSL.

Editing your information

You can hit the “Contact Us” section and request to make any changes to your identifiable information.

Websites linked to our website

We do not accept liability for any information shared with websites that link to or from our website. You accept to access these websites out of your own consent. Remember to read the rules and policies before you proceed to any website


You expressly consent to using our website as per the rules and regulations mentioned in our disclaimer agreement. Any changes to our website or to the service we offer will be made available to you through email. Otherwise we will never disclose your information to anyone else.

Notification of Changes

The Privacy Policy is bound to change from time to time in a bid to offer you the best services ever. Should we make any changes that concern you, we will post these wherever appropriate so that you can view the changes.

You can always read the policy updates on our website from the Privacy Policy section. We may also send you an email on these changes if you opted to receive communication from us regarding the same.

Any brand names mentioned herein do not allow us to lay claim on any patents or trademarks that the manufacturers might be holding.

Any information contained herein is for information purposes only, and is presented in a summary form and should not be used as a substitute for any information provided by your physician.

We only share information about the drugs that is already in the public domain and therefore we do not intend to use the trademark for the manufacturers in any way.

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