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Cancellation Policy

In as much as we try so hard to satisfy all the orders that have been placed, there are a number of orders that we are usually not able to process, and we subsequently cancel. Some of the reasons for cancellation include:

  • Unavailable stock
  • Insufficient stock for purchase
  • Issues arising from the credit and fraud avoidance department

In the event that any part of your order has been cancelled, our customer care department will get in touch with you. If this happens when your card has already been charged, we will also reverse the transaction back to your account.

Payment not received

Any orders not paid for are considered cancelled orders

Customer cancelled the order

If you wish to cancel your order, contact our Customer Care department. If the order has not yet been processed, we will cancel it and refund all the money back to you.

Take note that we will not cancel orders that have already been processed and shipped out. This can usually happen within 12 hours from the time you place an order since we try to be prompt with deliveries.

Money Back 

We refund your money in the same way that you made your payments. If you used a credit card or Cheque or Money Order, we will refund through the same means. Any cheque or money order will be sent back to the billing address that you have given us.

We usually process refunds within 10 working days. For cheque payments or money orders, delivery to your billing address might take some time depending on the mail carrier. Apart from that, it will take a while to credit the cheque into your account from the time you deposit the cheque, depending on your bank.

Kindly note that we are exempt from liability arising out of delays in crediting your credit card account since this liability rests with your bank

For more information and questions, call us on +1(855) 495-5550 or mail us at

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